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Budgeting Update 1/25/2016 – Using YNAB

For me, budgeting was hard, but budgeting with YNAB is not as hard.  Since we have been using YNAB for about 2 years now, it is really easy!  My wife and I really don’t have many “heated” discussions when it comes to money as of late.  Here are a few key reasons:

  1. We set up a zero based budget in YNAB and learned to prioritize.  This helped us look towards the future instead of the past.  We did an excellent job at tracking our spending for years without any real forward progress in controlling our money.  We were just able to see where it went, but did not have a plan until we created a comprehensive Zero Based Budget.
  2. Diligence in entering all spending into YNAB in a timely fashion.
    1. Reconcile YNAB with bank account each month to make sure we did not forget to enter something.
  3. Don’t overspend the category.
  4. Spend based of YNAB category balances, not check book balance.
  5. If an expense comes up unexpectedly, deal with it.
    1. If it is going to be recurring expense, make a new category and figure out how to fund it.  This may take some creativity, but is doable even if you have to cut another category or categories.
    2. If it is a one time expense, maybe it has to come out of the buffer and then rebuild your buffer over the next few months.
  6. Review, revise and relax.

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Roadside Safety – Budget Friendly Gear

First on the scene – Think Safety!

Make sure oncoming traffic can see you!               Image result for roadside safety tips

I was on my way to work one foggy morning when something didn’t look normal.  I was driving about 40 mph due to the fog when my peripheral vision on my right side was blocked by something.  I started slowing down and then I noticed debris all over the road and then a drive shaft and part if a rear axle and suspension.  It took a second for all of this to register, but the parts were from a truck that was flipped on its side and sitting on the shoulder of the road. Continue reading Roadside Safety – Budget Friendly Gear