$300 saved by changing my truck water pump myself

Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel Water Pump Replacement

Dang, another truck repair.  Had to replace the water pump.  Pretty simple job on my truck, but it takes a lot of anti freeze.  The water pump had been leaking intermittently for a few months, but it got progressively worse and had to be changed.  I bought the water pump off Amazon.  Great part at great price.  I did buy the antifreeze locally.  It took a couple of hours start to finish, but it was not difficult and I only needed a second pair of hands for about 15-20 minutes.  I’m sure this job could be done in an hour or less if in a hurry.  It really was the easiest water pump I have ever replaced on a vehicle.

My Dodge 5.9 Cummins turbo diesel is back on the road and leak free and it only cost me $75 in total.  I got an estimate from a reputable shop at $400, so that is a savings of $325 or $162.50 per hour.

How to replace the water pump (video here).  I did not use the spill-free funnel, but it really would have been nice and probably saved some time.  As a side note, my water pump was not stuck, it popped right out.

Hopefully this post shows you that a couple of hours of DIY can save you some cash.  Invest it and let it multiply!

How much could this $325 saving be worth in 20 years

$325 savings one time @ 6% for 20 years = $1,042

$325 savings each year @ 6% for 20 years = $13,670

If you do a project around the house each year that you would have otherwise had to pay someone for and put that in an investment, it can make a big difference long term.  Just imagine if you did this 6 times a year it would grow to $75,900.


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