Got Bugs? How to save on pest control

DIY pest control

We live in South Georgia where there are lots of bugs.  Sometimes roaches come into the house.  We are not all that fond of them, so we try to keep them under control by various DIY pest control methods.  By doing your own pest control, you can save at least 50% off your annual bug control bill. Many of the professional products are available for retail purchase, so good products are easy to obtain and easy to apply.

How to save on Pest Control

You may be wondering how much you can save by doing your own pest control for bugs.  Well around where I live, a very basic pest control plan is around $50-$60 per visit.  To keep the bugs under control, you will need to treat every 8 weeks or so.  This adds up to $300 minimum.  You can treat your home with good products for around $100-$150 the first year and significantly less for future years since many of these product are concentrated and make 30+ gallons of spray.  30 gallons of spray will treat my home 15 times or more, that is enough for almost 3 years.

DIY – $150 the fist year then $300 every year after

Professional – $300/year and up

5 year saving = $1350

$1350/5 years = $270 per year of savings on average.

You can increase your long term savings by purchasing larger quantities the first year.  You might spend $50 more the first year, but you will have enough product to treat you home for 5 years saving even more in the long run.  It takes me around 30 minutes to treat my entire house every couple of months with high quality bug control products.  That is equivalent to paying someone $100 per hour to spray your house, or you can pocket the savings.

What Product to use to kill roaches

Roaches are a common pest for many of us.  What product to use?  There are a ton of products out there that will do a good job and I will discuss a few in just a bit.  First, you need to have a comprehensive plan for your efforts to be successful long term.  I use spray, bait, insect growth regulator and dust.  Please be sure to read the directions for use on each product and use accordingly.

Bug Spray

Typically used for perimeter spraying on the outside of home inside garage, porches, crawlspaces, attic and inside the home around windows, doors and behind appliances.   Most are mixed up in a sprayer with water and easily applied.  IGR can be mixed to aid in long term control.   CypermethrinBifenthrin, Deltamethrin, Cyfluthin

Roach Bait

Typically used to control roaches inside.  Roaches are attracted to the bait and when they consume it, they die within a day or two.  Very effective if you have roaches on the inside.  These baits are in a gel form so they are easy to apply and stay where you put them.  AdvionVendetta Plus, MaxForce

Insect Growth Regulator

IGR’s are a key component to a good bug control plan.  IGR’s break the reproductive cycle and dramatically help long term control.  Have you ever sprayed for bugs and all was well for a couple of weeks and then little ones were showing up again?  Likely due to eggs hatching.  Using an IGR helps break that cycle and increases the effectiveness of your bug control plan.

Dust for Roaches

Roach dust can be used in cracks and crevices, behind cabinets, trim, inside walls, behind appliances, and other areas where it is hard to spray and accessible on an infrequent basis.  If you are doing a kitchen or bath remodel, this is a great product to apply behind the wall board, trim, and etc.  Boric acid – Insecticide / Fungicide is good for dusting in cracks and such.  Tim-bor, Zap-A-Roach, Tempo dust and many others do a good job.

How to Kill Roaches – product application

This is the part where you get to buy a new sprayer for you DIY pest control plan.  Here is a good explanation on how to apply spray products.  My experience has been that a good perimeter spray with IGR around the foundation, windows, doors, porches and in the flower bed works well outside.  Gel bait and dust in kitchens and bathrooms and a quick spray at the threshold of exterior doors works well for the inside.  Re-apply in 4 weeks if you are still seeing roaches, 8 weeks otherwise.  If you keep up this regimen every couple of months after you have the roaches under control, you should stay ahead of them so they can’t build up a significant presence in or near your home.  You may see an occasional roach here or there when they come in from outside.

 DIY Pest Control Cost Savings

You can save $1350 or more by doing your own pest control.  Come up with a plan to control the roaches including  2 or 3 different approaches/methods, purchase the products of your choice and treat every couple of months.  Don’t forget to follow the directions for use for each product you use and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment for the product you are using.

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