Braided fishing line, can it actually save you money?

Low Cost Braided Fishing Line Alternative

If you like fishing or are looking for a gift for the fisherman in your life, this braided fishing line might be what you are looking for, it is a lower cost alternative that has performed very well for me and has actually saved me money.  I like to fish for Reds and Speckled Sea Trout inshore near Cumberland Island Ga.  With this type of fishing, getting hung up on shell beds is not uncommon.  Before I started using braided fishing line, it was a 60/40 chance if I got my sinker and slip cork back.  The sinker is not too expensive, but the slip cork can range from a a couple of dollars to around $8 or so.  I like to use a good quality 6″ or 8″ slip cork since they are easier to thread, cast better and have less drag in the water.  Each time I lose my sinker and slip cork, it costs me around $5 plus the time rigging everything back up which is usually when the fish are biting.

Ways to save with Braided Fishing Line

One morning when fishing with a few friends, I lost 2 slip cork rigs within about an hour costing me $10.  I noticed a couple of my friends were not losing their rigs when they got hung up on a shell bed.  I asked how often they lose a slip cork and their reply was almost never since going to braided fishing line.  That is when I decided I was going to try some braided fishing line.  A few of you might be saying, if my line was stronger than my leader I would just lose the leader and hook.  That was my thought as well, but it did not prove to be true for me with the size mono that I could fit on my reels.  The reels that I like to use recommend  15 lb mono and 30 lb braided line.  The 30 lb braided line will give me a much higher main line to leader strength ratio which should improve the 60/40 up to 90/10 success in retrieving my sinker and slip cork after getting hung up on a shell bed.

Which Braided Fishing Line to buy?

Now for the quest to purchase some good braided fishing line at a good price and stop losing so many sinkers and slip cork .  I went to a couple of different big box sporting goods stores and they had lots of different brands a price points to chose from.  There were a couple of brands that were not too expensive, but they were out of the 30 lb that I was looking for and neither store had the hi-vis yellow at all.  I wanted hi-vis yellow 30 lb braided fishing line so I could see it on top of the water.  Since I was not successful in purchasing what I wanted at my local store, I started researching online to see what I could find.  I found Spectra 100% Pe Braided Fishing Line in hi-vis yellow at Amazon.  There were not many reviews, so I researched a bit more and found many positive reviews for this line.  I did find a few that were quite negative, but the vast majority were very positive and put this line on par with one very successful and popular brand of braided fishing line, powerpro, which was the brand that my friends recommended.  Based on the information I had found and the fact that the Spectra brand was about half the cost of name brand, I added it to my wish list since I had  birthday coming up soon and thought this might be a good gift if someone asked.

I received this fishing line for my birthday, thanks ma and pop, and promptly spooled up one of my reels so I could give it a try the next weekend on a fishing trip.  I paid close attention when spooling it up to see if I noticed any inconsistency or oddities.  It went on smooth as butter and appeared 100% consistent.

Spectra Braided Fishing Line Review

How did the Spectra brand braided fishing line work in real world fishing?  GREAT!  I have to say I am very impressed with this fishing line.  I fished hard for 2 days using my new braid.  I got hung up many times and did not lose any sinkers or slip corks.  I lost a few leaders and hooks, but that is preferred over losing the entire rig.  It casts great and I could feel the fish bite significantly better than with mono.  We were out near the jetties fishing a sand flat.  With the braid, I could feel my weight riding across the ripples in the sand and when a fish bumped it, I could tell the difference.  The feel with the braid is way better than mono for this type of fishing.  One of my friends was using mono and was having a hard time connecting with any trout in this spot because he could not feel the nibble and give a pause for them to take the bait.  There were three of us on the boat.  Two using braid and one using mono.  While on the sand flat, the guy using mono was not catching nearly as many fish as the two of us using braid.  Do I think it was 100% the braid, maybe not, but he caught fish everywhere else that day and being able to feel the light tap when the fish was biting was the key to catching them at this spot.  He said he could not feel the nibble at all, but still managed to catch a few near the jetties before we had to head in that evening to clean our catch.

In conclusion, I am a braided fishing line convert.  I loved fishing with braid and I will be spooling up additional reels with braid in the near future.  I have enough of the 30 lb braid left to spool at least one reel and probably two more.  At $9.99 for 328 yards of 30 lb braid with free shipping, it really is money saver just in sinkers and slip corks alone.  The payback period on this braid is the cost of 2 lost rigs which I typically do in one day.  Payback in ONE day and then the line is free and you are actually saving money by fishing with it.  I am not sure my wife will believe that my fishing trips are actually a cost savings, but it sounded good.  Buy some of this Spectra 100% Pe Braided Fishing Line and go fishing and have some fun.

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